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PODi NZ Limited

T +64 21 654 351

E: [email protected]

Postal Address:

116E Cavendish Drive

Manukau 2104

New Zealand 



1 Purchase a Bike
1.1 I cannot find a dealer

Please call us on 021 654 351 and we'll assist.

1.2 Where can I see or buy a bike in NZ

Our bikes are can be purchased or ordered from our authorized dealerships around New Zealand. Check the "Find A Dealer" links on this site to locate of the Authorised Dealership nearest you. 

1.3 Why can't I order a bike on this site?

This site is for information purposes only, showcasing the range of bikes in manufacture. To check availability or order a bike please see one of our authorised NZ Dealerships.  

2 Bike Costs
2.1 How much do the bikes cost?

The prices shown on this website are the suggested NZ Dollar Retail prices, including GST and Shipping to our retail partners. We do not set pricing however, and it is up to our Retail partners to confirm costings to you directly.  

3 Product Warranty
3.1 What Product Warranty is offered?

PODi NZ offers a comprehensive warranty on the Frame, Engine and Battery for each bike we sell via authorized dealers in New Zealand. Warranty fulfillment is provided by your authorized dealer on our behalf.