Customer Care

Podi NZ Customer Care 

Our Full Warranty is detailed here.

Our goal is to resolve any Bike Warranty, and/or technical related issues, that you may encounter, as fast as possible.

In the first instance, if you experience a technical irregularity, please contact the Authorised Dealership that sold or delivered you your Husqvarna or Ramon Bicycle. Your dealer is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in relation to our Bikes. In most cases they will be able to resolve the issue, or answer your question quickly.

If the problem requires inspection and diagnosis, it must be performed by your Authorised Dealership. In the event a technical problem is diagnosed that falls under the Warranty, and is unable to be rectified, your dealer will execute the Warranty claim with us, on your behalf. Proof of Purchase is required.

Podi NZ will arrange supply and shipping of any replacements required under the terms of the Warranty, and coordinate delivery to your Authorised Dealer. We will also advise your Dealer at the earliest opportunity of anticipated delivery deadlines, should replacements/parts have to be sourced from our supplier overseas.

Podi NZ Ltd Warranty Terms & Conditions
Please refer to the Warranty Information attached to your Owner’s manual or click here. The Warranty in effect may vary depending on the on which model you purchased, and when.

Should the above information not answer your query satisfactorily, Podi New Zealand can be contacted directly by emailing [email protected] with details of your Purchase, including the date, model and the Dealership from which it was purchased.

Current Product Recall Information
There are currently no product recalls in effect for Podi NZ Limited products.