LIMITED WARRANTY FOR HUSQVARNA BICYCLES distributed in new zealand by podi nz limited 


If you are the original purchaser of a Husqvarna Bicycle in New Zealand, and wish to lodge a warranty claim, please contact the NZ Dealership that delivered your Husqvarna Bicycle.  

This Limited Warranty is valid only for claims lodged by original purchasers of Husqvarna Bicycles in New Zealand, which fulfil the below requirements:

The Husqvarna Bicycle was directly imported and distributed in New Zealand by PODi NZ Limited, via an authorised New Zealand Retail Dealer, for on-sale to a retail purchaser


The Husqvarna Bicycles was sold or distributed directly to a purchaser in New Zealand, by Podi NZ Limited, with delivery of the Bike either directly to the purchaser or via an authorised dealer. The list of authorised Podi NZ Limited Dealers is here.

Warranty Coverage DOES NOT apply to:

Any Husqvarna Bicycles which are imported/sold/distributed in New Zealand, or elsewhere, by any other person or entity, other than by PODi NZ Limited.

The Cover

This  “Podi NZ Limited” Limited warranty covers defects in materials and/or  workmanship on the frame, motor, and battery which are fitted on Husqvarna Bicycles.

The Term of Coverage

The “Podi NZ Limited” Limited Warranty terms, are applicable as follows:

  • 2 years for the frame
  • 2 years for the motor
  • 1 year for the battery

The Warranty Term commences from the date of purchase.

Warranty Cover Eligibility

The “Podi NZ Limited”  limited warranty is valid from the date of purchase of the Husqvarna Bicycle, and applies only to the first/original purchaser of the Bicycle. Any transfer of ownership to another person or entity makes this warranty null and void.

The “Podi NZ Limited” limited warranties for the frame, motor, battery and parts is subject to the purchaser’s compliance with the requirement to undertake an annual maintenance schedule, as detailed in the Owner’s Handbook/guide . Such maintenance to be undertaken by qualified e-Bike mechanic at an authorised Podi NZ Limited dealership. (See list here)

A summary of the service history documenting the service undertaken, should be provided with any damage claim.

Costs for all maintenance and regular servicing are the responsibility of the owner.

The “Podi NZ Limited” limited warranty covers all parts which fall under the warranty, but excludes the cost of labour to fit them.

Warranty Exclusions:

The “Podi NZ Limited” limited warranty does not cover:

Defects caused by normal “wear and tear”, accident, neglect, improper handling,  abuse, misuse, inappropriate storage, any force-majeure event, or incorrect assembly.

Claims where the battery has been uncharged for any extended length of time. Or where exposure to moisture/water has occurred, which can cause damage in the electrical circuit.

Claims where any of the original parts have been modified, or changed, in any way without written approval from “Podi NZ Limited”

Installation of components, parts, or accessories which are not originally intended for, or compatible with the bicycle.

Bicycles sold/used for Fleet or Rental purposes, or Demonstration models, unless specifically agreed in writing by Podi NZ Limited, in which case different terms of warranty coverage may apply.


To Make a Claim under this warranty:

You must claim the limited warranty from either the authorised “Podi NZ Limited” dealership you bought the Bike from, or the dealership which delivered the assembled bike to you, on behalf of Podi NZ Limited*.

You must return the affected part or the E Bike to the appropriate dealership, in a timely manner, with proof of purchase, including receipts/records relating to servicing.

The owner is responsible for all shipment or delivery costs relating to original and replacement parts.

In case of replacement or refund, returned Product becomes the property of “Podi NZ Limited”.


Customer Care Policy

It is our desire to ensure our owners of Husqvarna Bicycles have any concerns responded to in a smart and timely manner.

If in the first instance you are not receiving the desired level of attention to your claim from the authorised dealership which delivered your bike, please contact us direct so that we can take immediate steps to ensure your claim is responded to in a timely and professional manner.

Call 021 654 351 or email [email protected] with relevant details including your name, date of purchase and the name of the dealership from which you purchased your Bike.